Vault: Auto Unseal

A Vault instance needs to be unsealed in order to provide any functionality. See the docs for more details.

This unseal process can either happen manually by entering the minimum amount of key shares or via one of the auto unseal options. Unsealing is required every time a Vault instance restarts or is manually sealed.

Vault Native Unseal

Vault implements various options to auto unseal an instance once it starts. See the docs for available options and how to configure them.

Bank-Vaults Unsealer

Bank-Vaults by Banzai Cloud implements a helper utility to auto unseal Vault instances running on Kubernetes. The idea is to provide additional unseal options to the Vault Native Unseal implementations.

In addition to unsealing Vault instances, Bank-Vaults will also automatically initialize new instances and store the unseal- and root-key in the configured secret store. This is only necessary for the first time a Vault instance or cluster is started.