Setup HTTP Basic authentication

This tutorial is deprecated. Some links may not work.

This how-to will explain how a Service Catalog is connected to a Crossplane Service Broker using HTTP Basic authentication.


If you are planing on using the Crossplane Service Broker in a multi-tenant environment, then we strongly recommend to consider implementing HTTP Bearer Token authentication instead of HTTP Basic authentication.

Configuring HTTP Basic authentication

To configure Basic authentication, first create a secret that contains the username and the password. Then register the Crossplane Service Broker through the basic authentication mechanism:

# Create a new secret containing the Basic authentication secrets
kubectl create secret generic basic-creds --from-literal=username=test --from-literal=password=changeMeEventually

# Unregister the Crossplane Service Broker if you already registered it previously
svcat unregister servicebroker-test

# Register the Crossplane Service Broker using the Basic authentication secret
svcat register servicebroker-test --basic-secret basic-creds --url "http://service-broker-test.service-broker"

# Check the Crossplane Service Broker's status
svcat get brokers