Install a Service Catalog

This tutorial is deprecated. Some links may not work.

The service catalog provides a single, well-defined API to manage services provided by one or many service brokers, such as the Crossplane Service Broker.

Sometimes the term application catalog is used instead of service catalog. They usually mean the same thing.


  • Have access to a Kubernetes cluster installed.


The command below will install the service catalog service in your current Kubernetes cluster using Helm in the catalog namespace. The namespace will be created if it doesn’t already exist.

Before you can run the command below, you need to create a file called values.yaml with the following content:

image: (1)
securityContext: { runAsUser: 1001 } (2)
1 The specific Docker image of the service catalog that will be deployed.
2 Configuring the service catalog such that it doesn’t run as root. This may not be necessary in your cluster.


Run the following command to install the service catalog:

helm install \
  catalog \ (1)
  --values values.yaml \ (2)
  --namespace catalog \ (3)
  --create-namespace \ (4)
  --repo \ (5)
  catalog (6)
1 The name of the service in your Kubernetes cluster.
2 Read configuration options from values.yaml file.
3 The namespace in which the service catalog will be installed into.
4 The previously defined namespace will be created if it doesn’t yet exist.
5 The Helm repository that contains the chart for the service catalog.
6 The name of the chart which Helm shall apply.