Exoscale Price API

Getting and generating prices for the Exoscale DBaaS offering is currently a very hand-knitted process, not much automation in place. Therefore, the documentation here is just some keyword style explanation.

  • Get upstream prices via the Exoscale API, see below for the URLs

  • With the following Python snippet CHF prices can be easily extracted into a CSV format:

    import requests
    response = requests.get('https://portal.exoscale.com/api/pricing/dbaas-kafka')
    content = response.json()['chf']
    for plan in content:
  • Feed that into the Google Spreadsheet "Application Catalog Service Pricing Calculation" (manual copy/paste)

  • Enrich the information with the data found on the Exoscale website

  • Convert the data from the Google Spreadsheet into a format which can be copy/pasted into the products.docs page with the Python snippet.

    import requests
    import csv
    from contextlib import closing
    csvurl = "CHANGEME"
    content = {
        "PostgreSQL": [],
        "MySQL": [],
        "Redis": [],
        "Apache Kafka": [],
        "OpenSearch": [],
        "Service": [],
        "": [],
    with closing(requests.get(csvurl, stream=True, allow_redirects=True)) as r:
        f = (line.decode('utf-8') for line in r.iter_lines())
        reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter=',', quotechar='"')
        for row in reader:
    for svc in content:
        if svc == "Service" or svc == "":
        r = content[svc]
        for row in r:

    To get the csvurl: In the spreadsheet, go to File → Share → Publish to web → Link. Choose the correct tab, and publish it as CSV. That’s the URL you want.