Cloud Based AppCat Services

This page will explain how the cloud based services will be handled for the usage reporting. The structure, content and interval of these metrics are not always under our control. We need a system which is flexible in adapting to those parameters.

Data Flow Overview

See the Data Model and Flow for a generic overview of the data flow.

Each cluster that provides AppCat cloud services will also have a cronjob configured. This cronjob will periodically run the AppCat cloud collector. Any necessary metadata will need to be available for this cronjob. Either by hard-coding it for a given cluster, or by dynamically querying relevant sources. The period at which it will run will depend on the cloud services as we have to match their reporting frequencies.

Example configuration

This configuration is abridged from the existing config and only contains example configs for the new Odoo 16 billing.

      URL: (1)
      API_TOKEN: topsecret (2)
      SALES_ORDER: ${appuio_managed_info} (3)
1 URL of the Odoo 16 billing API
2 Token or credentials needed to connect to the Odoo 16 endpoint
3 Override the sales order name for APPUiO Manage clusters, if not set it will respect the organization for any given service

Managing Sales Orders

APPUiO Cloud

The organization label will still be available, however it will need mapping via the appuio_control_organization_info Prometheus metric. See Managing Sales Orders on APPUiO Cloud for more details.

APPUiO Managed

Each cluster will have a static cluster fact. Managing Sales Orders on APPUiO Managed