Alert rule: MySQLGaleraClusterSmall


This alert indicates that the Galera cluster has less than 3 nodes

Steps for Debugging

See How to debug MariaDB Galera on how to determine the cluster status and show the Logs of MariaDB.

One Pod in CrashLoopBackoff

Sometimes it may happen that data of one of the nodes becomes corrupted.

If, and ONLY IF mariadb_state shows that the remaining two nodes are synced, operational and have the same state_uuid’s, clear the data dir of the broken pod.

This can be facilitated by recreating the volume:

# Values in UPPER_SNAKE_CASE have to be substituted by the reader!

# Delete the PVC of the broken container:
kubectl delete pvc data-mariadb-N

# Restart the broken pod so that a new PVC is created:
kubectl delete pod mariadb-N

Once this has completed, wait for the PVC to be recreated and the Pod to come up again.