Alert rule: MySQLGaleraOutOfSync


This alert is being triggered if a Galera Cluster node is out of Sync for the past 5 minutes.

More specifically, it’s wsrep_local_state is not 4 ("Synced"). Possible values and their meaning:

  • 1 - Joining (requesting/receiving State Transfer) - node is joining the cluster

  • 2 - Donor/Desynced - node is the donor to the node joining the cluster

  • 3 - Joined - node has joined the cluster

  • 4 - Synced - node is synced with the cluster

Steps for Debugging

See How to debug MariaDB Galera on how to determine the cluster status.

State 2 != 4 but sync completed

If a node stays in State 2 for a long time, restart the pod.