Maintenance and Update of an OpenShift 4 cluster

  1. Get list of available updates:

    kubectl --as cluster-admin get clusterversion version -o json | jq '.status.availableUpdates[] | {image: .image, version: .version}'
  2. Update the configuration hierarchy

    Set the following parameters to the values retrieved in the previous step:

    • parameters.openshift4_version.spec.desiredUpdate.image

    • parameters.openshift4_version.spec.desiredUpdate.version

  3. Compile the cluster catalog

  4. Enjoy the show

    Let the OpenShift operators do their job.

    kubectl --as cluster-admin get clusterversion version --watch

So far, that process just worked. In consequence we do lack the experience on how to observe and debug. Instruction will be added here, as soon as we gained that knowledge. As a starting point on the process, checkout Updating a cluster between minor versions of the OpenShift 4 documentation.

Also have a look at the blog post The Ultimate Guide to OpenShift Release and Upgrade Process for Cluster Administrators which is an excellent source to understand the process.