Metered Billing

Intended audience: VSHNeer

This document describes how Puppet Managed Services report data to Odoo for service billing based on the measured usage.

More information regarding the metered billing at VSHN can be found at


The metered usage is leveraging the existing PuppetDB to determine billed services and components. Puppet profiles instantiate a defined resource type Billing which defines what unit and Odoo product ID should be used and to which sales order the usage of a specifc service should be reported.

The Puppet-Odoo metered billing reporting will periodically query the PuppetDB for all Billing resources and submit them to VSHN central’s usage data ingestion endpoint

Enable metered billing in a Puppet profile

To enable metered billing for a Puppet profile, that profile needs to define a billing resource:

profile_example (
    Billing::Options  $billing_custom_options = {},
    Optional[Boolean] $billing_reporting = undef,
    Optional[String]  $billing_sales_order_id = undef,

  # in the profile, only suppress reporting if it is set to false explicitly,
  # otherwise rely on the the global reporting configuration evaluated in the
  # billing define type
  if $billing_reporting or $billing_reporting =~ Undef {
    billing { "${trusted['certname']}-${title}":
      product_id     => 'managed-service-...',
      reporting      => $billing_reporting,
      sales_order_id => $billing_sales_order_id,
      *              => $billing_custom_options,

  • Implement all parameters as outlined above including their default values. This ensures an unified interface across all puppet profiles.

  • Set the product_id to the corresponding Metered Billing ID of the product in Odoo

Product bundles

Some Puppet profiles may bundle multiple profiles, meaning a puppet profile may replace other profiles from a billing point of view.

Such profiles may be passed to bundled_products of the billing type:

billing { "${trusted['certname']}-${title}":
  product_id       => 'managed-service-graylog',
  bundled_products => [
  • Products listed as bundled_products won’t be reported to metered billing for the node.

Set billing information in Hiera

For a resource to be processed in the metered billing, it needs to know to what sales order it should be reported. The sales_order_id needs to be configured in hiera:

billing::sales_order_id: 'Sxxxxx'

Alternatively, if different profiles should report to different sales orders, the sales_order_id may be overridden on a per-profile basis:

billing::sales_order_id: 'Syyyyy'
profile_specialservice::billing_sales_order_id: 'Szzzzz'

Check with Sales & Account Management for the correct sales order to use for a specific project/service

Disable metered billing in Hiera

Metered billing can be disabled for a specific profile or for a specific server or project in hiera

# disable billing for all services
billing::reporting: false

# disable for a specific profile
profile_specialservice::billing_reporting: false


The reporting is deployed using the billing::reporting profile, multiple instances (f.e. one per Odoo environment) can be deployed in parallel. Currently the billing reporting is deployed on