VCS Repositories with BURP


We support to backup remote VCS repositories with BURP. For that we created a pre-backup script that syncs remote repositories locally and adds the repositories to the BURP backup set.


The backup of remote repositories is configured with the profile_repo_backup puppet module.

The list of repositories to backup can be configured in hiera as follows:

    - profile_repo_backup

    type: 'hg'
    url: 'ssh://'
    type: 'git'
    url: '

The profile creates a dedicated user (repository-syncer) that syncs the repositories locally. The profile expects a hash of repositories to synchronize. If the repositories require an ssh key, the key has to be added manually to the user account.

All repositories are cloned to /var/lib/repository-backup.

The script currently supports Git and Mercurial.


The repositories are cloned locally as bare repositories. This means that the repositories aren’t checked out in a working directory. The restore process depends on the scenario and may range from a complete repository to restoring single commits. Please consult the documentation of the respective vcs tool for restoring local repositories to a remote location.