VSHN Login

We provide an SSO solution under id.vshn.net which is used by VSHN services, including APPUiO Cloud. See the VSHN Login page for links to access the services.

Direct Login

If you have a VSHN Account you can directly login with your username and password. Should you not have one and wish to get one, please contact us.

Login via Third Party

You can login with the third-party providers available on the login screen.

When you login with one of the third-party providers, we’ll read your email address and full name from the provider in order to create a VSHN SSO account for you. See our privacy policy for details.

By logging in through a third-party provider, you accept our general terms and conditions.

First login

If you’re here for the first time, you can just login through your preferred third party provider. You’ll be guided through the VSHN SSO account creation during the first login.

During this process, you can review and adjust the personal information we’ve fetched from the third party provider.

We generate a default username for your new account on first login. If you login through GitHub, we default to your GitHub username. If you login through Google or Microsoft, we default to <firstname><lastname> as your username. You’re free to change your username as you wish. However, if an account with the same username already exists, you’ll have to select a different username unless you have access to the existing account. If you control the existing account, you can link the third party provider to the existing account.

If you already have a VSHN account, you can enter the email address of your existing account in the "Update Account Information" form and select "Add to existing account" to link the third party provider to your existing account.

If you change your email address during the first login process, we’ll send a verification email to that address to ensure that you have access to it.

Account Console

In the account console you can manage your security settings as well as you personal information.