APPUiO Cloud outside office hours maintenance


Maintenance of APPUiO Cloud is currently done during daytime hours. Although we encourage and support our customers to deploy their applications in a highly available configuration, some of our customers are deploying applications that can’t easily be configured in a highly available fashion.

Due to that, multiple customers have expressed a preference for an APPUiO Cloud maintenance window outside office hours. On the other hand, since a lot of maintenance infrastructure is hosted on APPUiO Cloud, we can’t easily move the APPUiO Cloud maintenance into the same window as most production clusters. Finally, we don’t want to introduce additional outside office hours maintenance windows, to keep the number of evenings that our on-call engineers may need to handle maintenance issues as low as possible.


We’ve considered two options which provide opt-in outside office hours maintenance on APPUiO Cloud, without requiring that we move the complete maintenance to the primary maintenance window for production clusters.

Define a new node class for nighttime reboots

For this approach, we’d introduce an additional node-class which would be maintained outside office hours. To implement this, we’d enhance the upgrade controller to allow specifying custom maintenance windows for individual machine config pools. With this approach, we can offer outside office hours maintenance on all APPUiO Cloud zones without having to switch the maintenance window for complete zones. Additionally, customers can freely choose maintenance windows for each of their projects or even individual applications on the same zone. Finally, this approach allows customers to switch between different maintenance windows without having to migrate their applications between zones.

Maintenance at night in some APPUiO Cloud zones

With this approach, we’d selectively switch the maintenance window for some APPUiO Cloud zones to a time slot outside office hours. This would not only accommodate the preferences of our customers for a less disruptive maintenance window but might also improve the spread of workload across APPUiO Cloud zones, as customers move their applications to the zone that has their preferred maintenance window. On the other hand, this approach would require customers to migrate their applications between zones when they want to take advantage of a different maintenance window.


We’ve decided to implement additional node groups for offering additional maintenance windows on APPUiO Cloud.

This approach will allow us to implement additional maintenance windows on each APPUiO Cloud zone if there’s demand.


By implementing additional maintenance windows through a new node class we provide a flexible solution that allows customers to freely switch the maintenance window for their applications without having to migrate between zones. Additionally, we don’t need to change the default maintenance window to implement this approach, and we can define a surcharge for outside office hours maintenance simply by adjusting the pricing for resources of the node class that’s maintained outside office hours.