Override Namespace Quota

This guide describes how a cluster admin can override the namespace/project quota for an organization in a single APPUiO Zone.


  • Administrator access to the APPUiO Zone


Method 1: Configure in cluster catalog

This method uses the component parameters to generate and maintain the ConfigMaps for the overrides.

  1. Configure component per APPUiO Zone:

          example-company: 50 (1)
    1 The organization example-company can now have 50 namespaces
  2. Compile and push the cluster catalog

ArgoCD will overwrite any existing ConfigMaps that may have been created manually.

Method 2: Create ConfigMap manually

The override is active as soon as you create a ConfigMap for the organization.

kind: ConfigMap
apiVersion: v1
  namespace: appuio-cloud (1)
  name: override-example-company (2)
  namespaceQuota: '50' (3)
1 The namespace in which the component is installed.
2 The name follows the pattern override-? where ? is the organization name as defined in appuio.io/organization annotation.
3 Set the new quota (as a string).
You can use oc -n <namespace> create cm override-<org> --from-literal=namespaceQuota=50 to create an appropriate ConfigMap with a single command.