Functional Requirements Targeting the Portal

This page discusses functional requirements targeting the Control API and the APPUiO Cloud Portal.

Feature: Authentication

As a User
I want to only login once to the APPUiO Cloud ecosystem
So that I can use strong authentication methods and still get a good user experience


  • Login

  • Logout

Feature: Manage Organizations

As a User
I want to manage organizations
So that I can group resources under it


  • Create Organization

  • List Organizations

  • Edit Organization Metadata

  • Invite User to Organization

  • Join Organization

The "Delete Organization" isn’t listed by intention as deleting an organization is a delicious task. A lot of sanity checks are needed:

  • No depending resources running / available anymore

  • No unpaid invoices

  • And more

Feature: Manage Teams

As an Organization Owner
I want to manage teams in an organization
So that I can group users under it for easier access management


  • Create Team

  • List Teams

  • Edit Team

  • Delete Team

  • Invite User to Team with a specific Role

Feature: Zones

As a User
I want to see a list of all available APPUiO Zones
So that I know the zone details


  • List APPUiO Zones

Feature: Personal Settings per User

As a User
I want to configure my personal settings
So that I can have my defaults configured to my liking


  • Define or override default Organization when creating new Projects

Feature: Branding

As an Instance Owner
I want to provide a familiar feeling to the user when using the web application So that I can have a consistent feeling throughout my offering


  • Logo

  • Colors

  • Navigation

  • Naming

Feature: Permissions

As a User
I want to only see what I can really do according to my permissions
So that I don’t get confused by actions which I’m not allowed to


  • List resources

  • Create resources

  • Update resources

  • Delete resources