OpenShift Minor Version Upgrade Tracking


Upgrading OpenShift minor versions requires a lot of coordination between our OpenShift team, customers, and other teams like AppCat and AppFlow teams. It’s difficult to track the status of each cluster. We need to check weekly if and when we can switch which cluster to a new version and not forget the required pull requests.


  • Allowing an overview of the status of each cluster

  • Automating the process of changing the release channel



Automation in Jira to set cluster facts or update the tenant Git repository

Jira is the main tool for tracking customer communication and the status of the upgrade.

We link the Jira ticket to the cluster and set the Lieutenant cluster fact or update the tenant Git repository with the required information.

We don’t have much experience with Jira automation or workflow, so we don’t know how much effort this would be. Additionally Jira isn’t in our operational control, so we would need to work with other equally busy teams to get this done.

We’re also not sure if Jira is here to stay or if we will switch to another tool in the nearish future.

Automation in GitLab with metrics export to Grafana dashboard

We create automation to schedule a pull request merge in the tenant Git repository to change the release channel.

The pull request automation would ideally also export metrics about the pull request status and expected merge time to a Grafana dashboard.

Automation in upgrade controller with Grafana dashboard

Allow the upgrade controller to schedule ClusterVersion changes. This could be in the form of a base version with overlaid patches for the ClusterVersion resource.

We would need an additional metric for current channel and future versions.

Implementation Idea

kind: ClusterVersion
  name: version
  namespace: appuio-openshift-upgrade-controller
      channel: stable-4.14
      clusterID: XXX
    - from: "2024-07-12T00:00:00Z"
          channel: stable-4.15


We add automation to the upgrade controller to schedule ClusterVersion changes and implement the required metrics for the Grafana dashboard.


The upgrade controller is already in place and we’ve got experience with the codebase.

All relevant timestamps are in a single place and thus easier to track.

We don’t want to build Jira automation or GitLab automation for a single use case.