Resources of a cluster on Google Cloud Platform

This page contains a list of resources created by the installer when using IPI. It also lists resources created by the cluster during runtime through its cloud integration.

This page assumes IPI with a stock installer configuration. Customization of the installer configuration and or the use of UPI will create more, less or a different set of resources.

Compute Engine

VM instances
  • Three master VMs

  • Three worker VMs

  • VMs will show up or go away as you create new MachineSets and or are scale them.

Instance groups

One instance group per master and zone.


One disk per created VM. Volumes created by the provisioner for PersistentVolumeClaims will also show up here.


One image per cluster within a project. The image will be named <cluster id>-rhcos-image.

Health checks

One for each of the created load balancers. See Load balancing.



One bucket for the image registry.

VPC Network

VPC networks

A distinct VPC for the cluster with a subnet for the masters and one for the workers.

External IP addresses
Firewall rules
  • Allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic to the router from everywhere.

  • Allow health check access to the applications.

  • Allow API access from everywhere.

  • Allow access to the control plane from the master and worker machines.

  • Allow health check access to the API.

  • Allow ranges of TCP and UDP ports between master and worker machines for in cluster communication.

  • Allow SSH from within the VPC network.


One route for each subnet plus a default route to the internet.

Network Services

Load balancing
  • Created by the installer

    • API load balancer balancing traffic from the internet to the API.

    • Internal API load balancer balancing traffic from within the cluster to the API.

  • Created by the cluster

    Each service of type LoadBalancer, will get its own load balancer instance. After installation, this will be one load balancer for the default router.

Cloud DNS

Cloud NAT

NAT gateways

One for each of the subnetworks configured on the router.

Hybrid connectivity

Cloud Routers

A router for the created network. No special interconnection is configured.

Network intelligence

Network Topology

This gives a graphical overview to the clusters network.