Remove alert rules

Sometimes an alert rule doesn’t make any sense. Be it that the rule is built on assumptions that don’t apply. Be it that the rule isn’t actionable. If that alert is triggered regularly, it generates a lot of noise and drives us towards alert fatigue. This how to explains how to get rid of such an alert rule.
  1. Identify the name of the alert

    Within Prometheus

    On the Alerts list, the name is shown within the colored box. When an alert is expanded, the name is found within the property alert.

    Whithin Alertmanager

    The alertname is found within the property alertname.

  2. Add the name to the list of ignored alerts

            - MyAlertName

    Do so on whatever hierarchy level is the most appropriate.

    Some alerts start with the prefix SYN_. If such an alert must be excluded, omit the prefix when adding it to ignoreNames.